Piano school in Rome

Piano lessons for adults and children

LLearn to play the piano is a dream for a lot of people. Adults would like to play the piano because it's a great satisfaction if they can play a modern song with friends or a classical piano music. For children it's an important opportuny to grow up.

Gabriele Tosi is a classical pianist and a piano teacher in Rome.

Our piano school in Rome offer piano lessons with the target to teach people how to play the piano with an addictive system of study.

Piano lessons for beginners and experts:

1) Beginner piano course: piano lessons for adults and children that want to learn how to read musical notes, piano chord, and would like to play easy piano song. It's possibile also to have easy piano lessons for all people who don't know the modern and classic music.

2) Intermediate piano course: piano lessons for adults and children that already have a knowledge about piano and want to improve pianistic level. Classical piano studies are required to access at this level.

3) Advanced piano course: piano lessons for for adults and children with advanced training that want to improve the piano tecnique and want to prepare exams in the most important music institution like Conservatory.

Also it's possibile to choise between a classical piano lessons or keyboard lessons (modern).

Classical piano course


Classical piano lessons are for people who want to learn to play the piano with the classical piano school.

In classic piano course we learn the classical piano tecnique with the most imporant pianists like Chopin, Schubert, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and many others. In the traditional way it's important also to develop the musical sense, the rhythm and learn to read music notes with particular attention to a correct setting of both hands.

At the beginning the piano teacher will focus piano lessons to develop in the students (expecially children) the pleasure of playing the instrument with easy exercises and easy piano songs with four hands (student and piano teacher).

For children we use special american piano books very easy and with nice melodies. After some time we will use the classic piano books.

Patience and perseverance are necessary requirements to begin a classical piano course.

Keyboard lessons (modern)


Keyboard lessons are a modern piano course of music for people who want to learn to play the keyboard to play pop songs or contemporary piano music.

In keyboard lessons we learn how to use an electronic instruments and how to read music notes. Also we learn a little piano technique and how to build the music chords.

The target is learn to play with the keyboards in a few time any type of pop songs of Michael Jackson, U2, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Elton John, George Michael but also to play modern pianists like Yiruma, Michael Nyman, Einaudi, Sakamoto, Vangelis.

The course includes also a part related how to compose music: we will learn how to use the main software audio / midi that will be connected directly with the keyboards. The student will know how to use the piano and will know the chords and scales and how to use audio software like Cubase and Vst instruments.

For more info and to book your first piano lesson, send an e-mail to: info@newagemusica.com


Gabriele Tosi new age pianist, film music composer, piano teacher

Gabriele Tosi

Piano teacher and composer of film music.

Discover his wonderful classical piano songs and his piano school in Rome!

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