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Music composers needed for films, movies, TV

NA soundtrack composer is a musician with a strong music background who have to create a particular instrumental music or vocal music to underline a specific situation in the movies. Target of a film music composer is to create an atmosphere and powerful music that have to remain etched in people's memory who see the film.

Film music composers are hystoric musicians like John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricone, Nino Rota, Henry Mancini, Jerry Goldsmith and also new composers like Michael Giacchino, David Newman, Yann Tiersen, Alan Silvestri, James Horner, Philp Glass and others. Most of these musicians composed specific instrumental music for a specific movie.

It's very difficult to start the job of music composer because there are a lot of people who would like to made this work and the possibility are very few. The reason is that most famous filmmakers and film directors have a his personal soundtrack composer or a specific company that provides to all the filmmakers needs.

C In Los Angeles, CA there the most imporant companies of film music production and film music composers: companies like Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Williams Morris Endeavor (WME), or United Talent Agency and for the soundtracks, Audacity Innovative, Gorfaine/Schwartz Agency (GSA) have the most important soundtrack composers of the world. For example Gsamusic has clients like Ennio Morricone, John Williams, James Horner, Michael Gioacchino, Eric Idle, Johann Johannson, Alan Silvestri. Then the most famous film directors obvioulsy want to have the most important soundtrack composers and they ask directly to them.

Often the indipendent film music composers try to send video link, Cd, to these production film music companies but the reply is always the same: "unsolicited material is not accepted". Then if you are also Beethoven, Nino Rota or the young John Williams no one of this imporant companies will hear your music. Then it's difficult that a famous filmmaker needed a film music composer.

TBut often indipendent filmdirector who need music for film, movies, TV look for directly original instrumental music on the web or in YouTube where there are a lot of very good film music composers. If a indipendent filmmaker need a music composition for film but don't want to use the services of the most famous companies in Los Angeles, he have to do a hard work to find a film music composer in YouTube.

Gabriele Tosi soundtrack composer

GGabriele Tosi is a soundtrack composer and weekly indipendent filmmaker who need film music or TV music, discover his instrumental piano music on Youtube and used it for videos or movies. Gabriele Tosi's instrumental music is a wonderful soundtrack for many genres of movies like drama, biography, documentary, romance, short. His piano music is the example where a filmmaker who looking for a film music composer can find a good solutions without contact production music composers companies.

GGabriele Tosi's instrumental soundtracks also is "royalty free music": this means that a indipendent filmmaker can use Gabriele Tosi's soundtracks in videos or movies without pay a lot of royalties that he would pay if he went to production film music composer companies in Los Angeles.

WWe suggest to discover with attention Gabriele Tosi's instrumental music for film with various music styles like romantic piano, new age piano, ragtime, valzer, epic music.