New age piano

Composers of new age piano and new age pianists

NNew age piano it's a various music genre. Inside this label there a lot musicians and pianists of romantic piano music, ambient music, relaxing piano music, contemporary instrumental music, music for relaxation but also soundtrack composers. Sometimes it's to indicate a genre of music inside the New Age movement but often the musicians included in the list of "new age pianists" aren't related with this movement.

But "new age music"can mean bad music, neo melodic, easy, without value. Also "new age piano" can mean contemporary piano music composed by famous musicians and pianists with good quality.

"New age piano" is everything and nothing; it's difficult to made a selection of this kind of music. Then if filmmakers or normal listeners who search on the web "new age pianists" can find a lot of good musicians but also unknow music composers.

NNew age pianist is Michael Nyman, Vangelis, Yiruma, Ludovico Einaudi, David Lanz, Suzanne Ciani, Kevin Kern but also Jean Michel Jarre, Ackerman, Enya, Sakamoto. Most of these musicians is famous beacause his music was used in famous films and then they became also "soundtrack composers".

When a good piano music is used inside a good movie, the result will be more effective than a music alone.
In the case of new age piano music often the piano songs were written before: for example Vangelis wrote his wonderful instrumental music before Blade Runner.

New age piano music by Gabriele Tosi

GFor this reason Gabriele Tosi is a new age pianist but is surely a soundtrack composer and a composer of contemporary piano music. The character of Gabriele Tosi's piano music with beautiful melodies place it inside new age piano artists if you listen to musicians like Vangelis, Ludovico Einaudi, Nicola Piovani, Yiruma or Sakamoto.

For this reason Gabriele Tosi's instrumental music is a perfect soundtrack for many genres of movies: but also Gabriele Tosi's music is a classical new age piano in the meaning of romantic piano music with powerful melodies and many changes of harmony as in contemporary instrumental music.

RAlso "new age piano" means "instrumental relaxing music" or "relaxing meditation music" and it's easy to find on Youtube a lot of examples with very long playlist (until 10 hours!) but obvioulsy with a low quality. In this relaxing piano music playlist you can listen to very long sound effects without musical construction and with poor melodies and harmonies. To made playlist of new age piano music until 10 hours it's normal that this music is repetitive with a very long sounds.

The "visibility": this is the problem for all new age pianist and soundtrack composers who would like to do this job. But often the keywords that we use to search new music like contemporary piano, relaxing piano or new age piano don't return a good results.

SWe suggest to discover and to listen to all new age piano songs by Gabriele Tosi in YouTube. It's high quality instrumental relaxing music and it's a perfect soundtrack for many genres of films. You can listen piano songs like "Andromeda" "Onda" "Penelope" "Miracles" for a few minutes to understand the musical level of Gabriele Tosi's instrumental piano music. It's also royalty free new age music and filmmakers can used Gabriele Tosis' music for films, shorts, documentaries.

For more info about to use new age piano music by Gabriele Tosi as a soundtrack for movies and videos you can visit also the section royalty free music.