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Royalty free piano music for films, videos, movies and documentaries

RRoyalty free background music it's an important value for new filmmakers that want to made movies without spent a lot of money for an original soundtrack. But when directors and filmmakers have to choose a instrumental music for films, they have to choose with a great attention because the soundtrack it's an essential part of any genre of movie.

Often people serach on internet "royalty free music" beacuse they want to use an original background music without spent money but it's very easy to find instrumental music with no good quality.

YOn Youtube it's possibile made videos with Creatve Commons licensing with various genres of music. But if a filmmaker want an "original background music" specifically for his film, it's difficult to find good instrumental music. Obviously we can use a royalty free classical music without royalties but this choise can penalize the originality of the film.

Internet is full of royalty free piano music but there are a lot of unknow soundtrack composers that can made a very good work with a right price.

The difficult it's to find these unknow soundtracks composer beacuse there are a lot of people that would like to do this job but often they do not have the appropriate music background. And then the filmmaker have to do a careful selection of a good instrumental piano music. It is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

FA famous filmmaker never seek royalty free music because always he have his personal soundtrack composer that made soundtracks for all famous movies industries. Then famous directors don't want to looking for another musicians. A famous filmmaker don't have problems with the budget but the musical choises for their new films are often no so good with high costs.

Royalty free music is a keyword where filmmakers and directors of films (famous or not) can find bad music or good music. The problem is to spent time to find in internet the good music that is often hidden behind keywords like "royalty free piano music" or "royalty free background music".

Royalty free piano music by Gabriele Tosi: how to use it


Gabriele Tosi is a new soundtrack composer who have a great results on the web with over 2 million views on Youtube and weekly requests by indipendent filmmakers who discover his background piano music. Gabriele Tosi is a composer of "royalty free music" and instrumental piano but it's important to know the meaning of these words.

Royalty free background music by Gabriele Tosi it's always registered on italian SIAE.

Ad indipendent filmmaker or a famous director can use this background music for films or movies but he have to do this:

1) Send a request by email to use Gabriele Tosi's piano instrumental songs.
2) Buy the piano song on digital sellers like iTunes, Cdbaby, Amazon, Google Play.
3) Write on the titles of the films the name of soundtrack composer and the title of the piano song

It's possbile to send a personal request to have a specific soundtrack for new movie.

We suggest to discover and to listen to all instrumental piano songs by Gabriele Tosi because it's high quality royalty free background music and it's a perfect soundtrack for many genres of films like drama, biography, shorts, romantic.

For more info about Gabriele Tosi's instrumental piano music send an e-mail to: