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    Instrumental piano music for films and video

    "Without the piano, I would have collapsed. But music is life, unitil the music resonates, nothing dies." – Daniel Glattauer.

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    Royalty free music for videos with piano

    "Play the piano is a new emotion everyday. If you can play the piano you can describe this emotion." - Gabriele Tosi

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    Emotional piano music and free soundtracks

    "Discover the music inside you and follow your dreams." - Gabriele Tosi

Royalty free music piano

Welcome to Gabriele Tosi’s website, film music composer, modern pianist and piano teacher.

Discover and buy the beautiful romantic piano music composed by the soundtrack composer Gabriele Tosi with powerful and emotional melodies.

Royalty free music and piano instrumental music for films, videos, documentaries, shorts, tv.

Over 3.000 piano songs sold on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Cdbaby without music productions.

Over 2 millions views on Youtube and weekly requests from filmmakers and listeners.

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Film Music

Discover Gabriele Tosi's piano music!
Instrumental piano with powerful melodies. Music for films, videos, documentaries, tv. Also on IMDb.


Relaxing Piano Music

Emotional and romantic piano music!
Discover and buy on iTunes, Cdbaby, Amzon, Gabriele Tosi's CD "Andromeda" and "Orizzonti". Best instrumental piano songs!

Royalty Free Music

Discover our royalty free music for videos!
Film directors can use Gabriele Tosi's piano music to have an original piano soundtrack for many genres of movies: drama, biography, short, romance, comedy, documentary


Youtube Channel

Discover and SUBSCRIBE on Gabriele Tosi's Youtube Channel with over 2.000.000 views.

Original Scores

Buy Gabriele Tosi's sheets music for piano. Powerful melodies for all levels.


See some videos by indie filmmakers that used Gabriele Tosi's background piano music for films or documentaries.

Various Musical Genres

Discover all kinds of instrumental music composed by Gabriele Tosi: new age piano, relaxing piano, epic music, romantic piano, valzer, ragtime, classical piano.