Background piano music for video and films

Weekly indipendent filmmakers discover on Youtube the instrumental piano music for film by Gabriele Tosi: below there are some shorts, documentaries and videos.

A filmmaker can use these piano songs as a soundtrack for any type of movies. Original background piano music for tv and many genres of films: drama, biography, short, romance, comedy, documentary, historic, fantasy and photographic montages.

Various musical styles: instrumental piano, modern piano, ragtime, epic music, valzer, romantic piano, relaxing piano, chillout piano with powerful melodies.

It's royalty free music without record production but all piano songs are registered on italian SIAE.

Directors and filmmakers have to buy the piano songs on digital sellers and send a request to use this background instrumental music for movies.

Relaxing piano music, royalty free music

Film music playlist by Gabriele Tosi for filmmakers who need royalty free music for movies.

A little turtle born in Palermo

Little turtle born in Palermo's beach: a documentary by filmmaker M.Iraci, music by Gabriele Tosi


"Tamah" by Erhan Yuruk is a short film with original film music by Gabriele Tosi.

The Kate Inside

"The Kate Inside" is a booklet by Guido Harari about Kate Bush. Background music by Gabriele Tosi.

Dal mare alle stelle

Documentary about the poet P.Occhiobianco. Filmmaker R. Russo, free soundtrack by Gabriele Tosi.

Instrumental romantic music with photos

A travel in USA with beautiful images and instrumental romantic music by Gabriele Tosi.

FOREVER - A Never Ending Short Film

A short film by canadian filmmaker Hoo Youn Kwon. Background music by Gabriele Tosi

La vita in diretta by RAI TV

RAI TV discover piano music "Andromeda" and used it in a tv video about the Olocausto. Voice Luca Ward. It was seen on TV by 4 million people.

Photos montage by Piano Pod

An Irish photographer has discovered Gabriele Tosi's royalty free music for piano and used it for a photographic montage. Filmmaker PianoPod.

Crosby Beach

A spectacular video with a drone: Crosby beach on early morning. Filmmaker Stratus Imagery Ltd, Liverpool music for videos by Gabriele Tosi

Quando nasce un bambino nasce una mamma

A short film about the difficulties of a mother when expecting a baby. Filmmaker Christian, film music by Gabriele Tosi

Galway Golf Club Flyover

Another spectacular video with a drone. Background piano music Medley piano solo by Gabriele Tosi. Filmmaker Aervisions.

Stephen Ward paintings with beautiful piano music by Gabriele Tosi

Art set by Stephen Ward with romantic piano music.

Rio di Gola

Beautiful video with spectacular images of water flow. Music for film by Gabriele Tosi, filmmaker Marco Oss.

Epic music instrumental

Epic music instrumental by Gabriele Tosi. Free soundtrack for historic films or fantasy.

Gabriele Tosi Andromeda

Beautiful nature photos by Leonidas Trisiniotis and free soundtrack for video by Gabriele Tosi.

Raccontami una favola

A short film by filmmakers E. Farrauto and V. Daniel. Royalty free piano music "Pegaso" by Gabriele Tosi

Royalty free music, Film music

A famous relaxing piano playlist. Filmmakers take the background piano music by Gabriele Tosi.

Original piano Ragtime

Original Ragtime for movies like comedy or short films. Royalty free background music by Gabriele Tosi.


A drone fly on Gordale Scar. Filmmaker Stratus Imagery Ltd Liverpool, music by Gabriele Tosi.

Carloforte, Sardinia

Photographic montage about Carloforte city. Romantic piano music by Gabriele Tosi

Valzer lento

Valzer for piano by Gabriele Tosi. Soundtracks and instrumental music for films.

Runnning to the Sea

Chillout piano lounge music by Gabriele Tosi. Chillout music to running.


"Notturno" is a new emotional instrumental piano music by Gabriele Tosi.